terça-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2014

A partir da nossa (deles/EUA) comunidade: Livros para pessoas com Parkinson

29/12/2014 - Nossa comunidade compartilha livros que recomendaria a outras pessoas com Michael J.Fox relciona livros em inglês, indicados pela comunidade. Fonte: MichaelJFox.

  1. Parkinson's: The First Year.
  2. "Thumbs Up" by Kevin Peyton.
  3. "Tremors in the Universe" by Robert Lyman Baittie. Here's my Amazon review: What a wonderful and inspiring book! It opened my eyes to understanding what the Parkinson's Disease diagnosis might be like for myself or for a friend or loved one; but I didn't anticipate how it would open my heart and mind to greater feelings of acceptance, of purpose, and love.This book is not only perfect for the reader touched by PD in some way, but for every soul that's lost their footing and needs to recalibrate their internal compass.
  4. Collected poems of Jane Kenyon. Her struggles with depression spoke to my struggles with p.d. Her capacity to make the most of simple everyday objects is inspiring. But she's not for the faint hearted. And no cheap easy answers.
  5. The Untethered Soul by Michael A Singer
  6. (not this year) but definitely 'Broken Open' by Elizabeth Lesser
  7. Reaching Down the Rabbit Hole by Hopper & Burrell. A clinical neurologist writes (in layman's terms) about the diagnosis and treatment of some his patients. There is a very interesting chapter on Parkinson's, but every chapter is fascinating and has something to offer.
  8. Navigating Life with Parkinson's Disease
  9. The Peripatetic Pursuit of Parkinson's Disease
  10. Thers a great book i got for my daughter and niece its called my dad has parkinsons it was got from the irish parkinsons assosiation it was like a comic very good xx
  11. "Parkinson’s Disease for Dummies,' except it's misnomered. We're not dummies. How about...."Parkinson's Disease for Bunnies"? At any rate, great book. One of the authors has PD, too.

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